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Mt Yasur volcano, Vanuatu

Mt Marum volcano
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Come explore Vanuatu's magical untouched archipelago of over 80 coral fringed, rainforest clad islands where you will experience Island life and culture as it was before white settlers. Islanders living in grass huts, fishing their bays in dugout canoes and using the traditional kustom (witch doctor magic) you will see lifestyles that many thought did not exist in the 21st century.

Our friendly crew will escort you from the airport to your fully provisioned yacht where the adventure will begin.

DAY 1.

We leave from the Yacht Charters Vanuatu Base in Port Vila and sail north to Havannah Harbour where we will anchor in a secluded bay for some snorkelling and a beach walk to unwind and get you in the swing of things.

DAY 2.

We head out to Moso Island to some beautiful bays for diving and swimming with a BBQ and beach walk. Then onto Pele Island for a secure night anchorage.

Day 3.

We take some time to explore Pele Island, meet the locals and visit Nguna and Kakula Islands. If the surf is good we have a beautiful little reef break for the dudes or if the wind is up this is a great place for kite surfing or kayaking.

Day 4.

We explore the northern group and can either stay at Malakula or Ambrym island. Both of these are beautiful locations with spectacular anchorages, great fishing and diving and even the possibility to have a local guide take you up the active volcano on Ambrym for a truly unique experience.

Day 5.

We sail south again for Epi Island, Emae and Cook Reef for more diving and fishing or just a sunbeam and relax while sailing along through turquoise waters if you prefer. Sashimi is often pulled in freshly from the trolling lines with plenty of wasabi and soy to go round!

Day 6.

We continue to sail south, this time stopping at Lelepa Island lagoon for a last dive and fish. Weather depending a quite and safe anchorage is often found in the passage around the northern tip of Lelepa.

Day 7.

By this time you are fully chilled and living on island time. We sail south, back home to the YCV base in Port Vila where our staff will be waiting to help you disembark and take you on to the next destination where ever that may be.