About Vanuatu

Our Beautiful Bays and Islands

Havannah Harbour

Havannah Harbour is one of the most famous locations in Vanuatu, initially catapulting to fame as one of the biggest allied military naval bases in WWII, due to its protected peaceful tranquil waters. Today the protected waters with their natural wonders continue with a large area now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage area. Swim amongst lush coral, dive with dugongs or turtles or enjoy a peaceful relaxed anchorage and watch the sunset with a cocktail on the foredeck. For a little civilisation visit some of Vanuatu's best restaurants and five star resorts and kick back. Enjoy a visit to meet the chief of local villages, visit a turtle hatchery at the Tranquility Island Turtle Rescue Centre. But our favourite occupation is enjoying a sundowner on the back deck, watching the sunset over the harbour over the Pacific, between Lelepa and Epi Islands planning the adventures for the next day.

Ambrym IslandSnorkelling in Vanuatu

Ambrym Island has beautiful coral, magnificent rainforests and happy people but the real secret of Ambrym is the amazing Mt Marum. After anchoring in a secluded location our guide will take you hiking through deep rainforest across the ash plains up the side of the Mt Marum volcano to peer into the boiling cauldron of larva 200 meters below!Or if volcanoes aren't your thing let us introduce you to the Ambruym natives who perform sacred dances, wearing costume and masks telling historical stories through dance as they have done for centuries.

Sunset Yacht Charter in VanuatuPentecost Island

Pentecost is most famous for its spectacular Nagol (land diving) ritual celebrating the initiation into manhood and the yam harvest for the islanders. This is the original form of bungee jumping! Amazing towers, some in excess of 30m high are lashed together with bamboo and the divers jump off various platforms on the way up with only the bravest jumping from the top. They have vines lashed to their feet which are designed to halt their fall with their heads inches from the earth below. The land diving can only occur during the months of April to June, when the vines are of the right consistency.

Espirito SantoOverhead view of yacht charter vanuatu

Espirito Santo is a beautiful island, steeped in history and romance (you will need to re-see the musical South Pacific before you come here and be prepared to be amazed. Scuba dive on the famous President Coolidge (WWII), one of the most famous and accessible wreck  dives in the world. Snorkel at Million Dollar Point, where the American Army drove all of their war machinery into the ocean at the end of the war (swim amongst the tanks, guns and fish). Travel to the Blue Lagoon (where Brooke Shield's famous movie was filmed) and swim in the amazingly coloured turquoise waters. Stop in at Champagne Beach where

Epi Island

Epi Island is famous for fishing, beautiful coral and the wildlife. Twin with turtles and tropical fish, spot dugong and enjoy the unique habitat.


Fate is the mail Island of Vanuatu with the nation's capital, Port Villa. There are many exciting attractions here from the high flying jungle wire, the beautiful Mele Falls, diving on the coral gardens in a real submarine and eating in some spectacular local restaurants . Our home base is at the picturesque Yacht Charters Vanuatu Base, nestled safely in the main harbour.


Stop in at Dillons Bay, Erromango to visit the local village where life has changed little for centuries, meet the village chief and David, your local tour guide. David will take you hiking up the mountainside to the Cave of Skulls, the burial cave of Chief Mete as well as members of his family. David will also show you other caves where the villages hid in times of war and even recently during cyclone Pam. Erromango is the third largest island in the Vanuatu archipelago and steeped in history of missionaries, sandalwood traders and fierce tribal fighting.

Locals in VanuatuTanna Island

Sail into the famous Port Resolution where Captain James Cook first landed in Vanuatu and explore the magnificent jungles of Tanna. Visit Mt Yasur, the worlds most accessible active volcano where you can stand on the volcano's edge and stare into the boiling cauldron of lava below and witness smoke and larva being belched hundreds of meters into the sky. Tanna is also famous for its coffee, treehouse and beautiful beaches and caves. Time here is your only limitation. Due to the distance south we recommend Tanna especially for the custom expeditions where we can deliver the yacht to Tanna for you and have you spend your time sight seeing and exploring while enjoying downwind sailing north to the home base in Efate via Erromango.

Why Vanuatu


Vanuatu is without a doubt one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. It's ancient culture and deep connections with the natural world make it a unique place to visit time and time again.

It's untouched beauty makes Vanuatu a perfect destination for a luxury yacht charter. Sail this amazing place in 5 star luxury accommodation, whilst enjoying world class diving, snorkelling, hiking and adventure.


Vanuatu lies squarely on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire and has nine active volcanoes, seven on land and two beneath the sea.

The most famous and most easily accessible, is Mt Yasur, on Tanna Island bringing thousands of tourists to Tanna Island each year. Mt Garet, on Gaua, is potentially the most dangerous and recently erupted in 2009 after many years of dormancy. Other Volcanoes less visited, can be found on the islands of Ambae, Ambrym, Lopevi.

A visit to Vanuatu is not complete without a tour to a live volcano.


Divers come from all over the world for Vanuatu's superb visibility, warm water and world-class dive sites. The underwater world offers plunging cliffs, grottoes and overhangs plus huge caves and intricate tunnels and life abundant over all this making for a visual feast. Divers can be surrounded by sea fans, soft corals and acropora gardents, plate corals, sponges and thousands of curious fish. But the true drawcard for diving in Vanuatu is the SS "President Coolidge" - the largest wreck dive in the world. This 22,000 ton luxury liner converted to troop ship sank fully laden during the war, just a few meters off the beach.

Most reefs begin in shallow water (ten meters or less) and drop away to varying depths.