Commercial projects

Commercial Projects and Survey work.

Yacht Charters Vanuatu is a proud partner of local and international Government agencies requiring safe, secure and versatile work platforms for different survey work and climate change projects throughout the archipelago. We also supply our services to the film industry.

Our yachts can be retrofitted with the required special equipment needed for hydro graphic and environmental survey work or other projects. We help to streamline operations as our platforms provide very comfortable on the job accommodation for your team.

Our locally and internationally licensed crew are very familiar with this type of work, having already done several projects for various universities, survey teams, government agencies and film crew. Our local knowledge makes us another very valuable addition to your team. We know all the areas well and have the network in place to support any project small or large.

  • Climate change surveying
  • Environmental surveying
  • Hydrographic surveying
  • Oceanographic surveying
  • Other scientific survey work or studies
  • Film industry support

For more information contact Justin on +678 771 9174 or email