Cruise Packages

Weekend Explorer

Departing from the tranquil waters of the Yacht Charters Vanuatu base in Port Vila your skipper and crew will sail you to the beautiful Havannah Harbour where you will spend a relaxing 3 days and 2 nights away.

Our courteous staff will cater from your every need from picking you up at the international airport to preparing and provisioning your yacht so that when you arrive all there is to do is to climb on board for a relaxing beverage and enjoy the adventure!

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Archipelago Explorer

Come explore Vanuatu's magical untouched archipelago of over 80 coral fringed, rainforest clad islands where you will experience Island life and culture as it was before white settlers. Islanders living in grass huts, fishing their bays in dugout canoes and using the traditional kustom (witch doctor magic) you will see lifestyles that many thought did not exist in the 21st century.

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Custom Expeditions

Well guys, this is our favourite package! Here we sit down with you and design the dream holiday for you depending on your dreams and desires. For some this may be sipping cocktails in Havannah Harbour and romantic beach walks and calm coral snorkelling while for others hiking through jungles and up the side of active volcanoes to peer into the cauldron of boiling lava and feel the guttural growls of the earth may be more your thing.

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Amazing Adventures