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Photo credit Vanuatu Tourism Office and David Kirkland Photography

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Photo credit Vanuatu Tourism Office and David Kirkland Photography

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Well guys, this is our favourite package! Here we sit down with you and design the dream holiday for you depending on your dreams and desires. For some this may be sipping cocktails in Havannah Harbour and romantic beach walks and calm coral snorkelling while for others hiking through jungles and up the side of active volcanoes to peer into the cauldron of boiling lava and feel the guttural growls of the earth may be more your thing.

During certain times of the year the majestic Pentecost Island comes alive with ritual and ceremony as the initiation of young men with land diving occurs. The bamboo towers must be carefully constructed for the right mixture of strength and flexibility and the vines must be of just the right age for the men to perform this amazing feat.

Sailing south to more remote islands is the beautiful Island or Erramango, where the locals will take you to sacred caves or their forefathers and show island living that has changed little for centuries; hear the stories of the missionaries and the Blackbirders and the slave galleys. Further south is the amazing island of Tanna where Captain Cook stopped in Port Resolution. This is the gateway to climb Mt Yassur, the world's most accessible active volcano.

The great thing about Vanuatu, apart from having the happiest people on the planet, is the magnificent diversity of land and sea that you can experience while travelling through the archipelago of 83 islands; from 5 star resorts, to places as remote as any on the planet, the nature and beauty is spectacular and breathtaking. There is something for everyone and what better way to see it than by luxury yacht with your skipper and crew to provide a safe and memorable passage.

If time is a problem and you want to maximise the Vanuatu expedition experience talk to us about the one way expeditions. With these cruises we spend the week or however long you wish to travel and end up the island of Santo in the north or Tanna in the south where we arrange for you to fly back to Port Vila while we bring the yacht home at a later time. Anyway, the world (or in this case Vanuatu) is your oyster, so let us help you to plan the trip of a lifetime!